About Liquid Marketing Group

Liquid Marketing Group is a Minneapolis Web Design and Internet Marketing company.

Oddly enough, our services grew from working in a mid-sized Water Treatment Company.

The old way to Market was getting less effective each day:

  • The Do Not Call List killed Telemarketing
  • No one uses phone books, and you’re locked into expensive 12 month contracts
  • Homeowners have become leery of door-to-door sales
  • Home shows get more expensive and crowded with competition each year
We understand the challenges Small Businesses face with Advertising and Marketing – we’ve faced them too!

Finding new customers was getting more expensive.

So we adapted.

Since 2004, our focus turned to effective Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing. We dramatically cut advertising costs, while increasing new customers.

We know how crucial low-cost lead generation is for small and mid-sized businesses.

Our services have expanded into a separate company. Now Liquid Marketing Group helps other small and mid-sized businesses take advantage of those same Internet Marketing tools.

Contact Liquid Marketing Group to see how we can help your business grow to!

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