Internet Marketing Services

How much traffic does your website get each day?  What if you could have a 5, 10, or even 20x increase in visitors?

Now imagine they’re looking for your product or service.

We can help you create a steady stream of natural, “organic” website traffic.  It’s a great low-cost alternative to pay-per-click advertising.

In the past, unethical Marketers used “Black Hat” techniques to “trick” the search engines.  That was a bad idea back then.  Today it’ll get your website banned.

We focus on what’s best for the visitors of your site – real, original, valuable content.  And search engines love it!

Our strategy for Internet Marketing uses a combination of Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Link Building.

Our Internet Marketing Service can increase the number of ideal customers that visit your website.  Contact us for a FREE review of your current website traffic.

Search Engine Optimization – aka SEO

Did you know some websites are virtually invisible to search engines like Google?

We’ll review your site’s content and structure to find any missing data or problems that are obstructing search engines.  It’s amazing what a combination of small tweaks can do.  You often get an improvement in user experience and a bump in organic search results.

If your site’s structure is really bad, we can start fresh with a new Website Design.

We use several Keyword Research tools to help us uncover how people search for the products or services you provide.  This information can be used to re-vamp your existing content, or build up certain areas that are weak.

Website Analytics are also installed on your site that allow you to monitor your site’s performance.  It’s really fun watching your traffic increase each month as we work together to build your online strategy.  There’s no guessing what works – you get to see real numbers!

Sometimes you need technical advice on hosting.  Maybe you need back-end redirects for missing web pages, error pages, or other tools to correct poor performance.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an extension of SEO.  It works by creating valuable information that will attract and convert prospects into customers.

The content we create is related to what you sell/service.  We help educate people so that they get to know you, like you, and trust you enough to do business with you.

The best approach is to write regular blog posts.  These posts are often told as stories.  They’re more fun for clients to read than a sales page.  They also give you a chance to showcase your expertise.

Link Building

Every time another website “links” back to your website it’s like a vote that says “hey this is important”.  We use several tools to find other websites to build links with.  Sites with readers that will find your information helpful.

Blogging and Social Media platforms are a great place to distribute your content and create relevant links.

How Much Does Internet Marketing Cost?

Our standard rate is $300/month.  How long are you locked in for?  It’s month-to-month, but we suggest a 3 month minimum.  This is a “building process” that takes a little time to gain momentum.

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