What do people think when they visit your website?  Does your company look like a market leader, or more like an amateur?

Your website only has a few seconds to hook a visitor.  Once they arrive, it needs to keep them interested.

We create attractive websites with optimized content your clients will love!

Best of all, we provide these high value sites at a much lower price, and within a shorter time frame than the major web agencies.

How Much Do Our Web Design Packages Cost?

We have a 3 page minimum and a flat $200/page fee.  Pretty simple, huh?  So a 3 page web design package would cost $600.  That includes everything from initial design, to taking the site live.

If you have a larger 20+ page website, we may be able to offer you a volume discount depending on the scope of your project.

Stock photos and videos can also be provided as needed for a nominal finder’s fee.

What Features Are Included with Your New Website?

You’ll get a clean, modern design with a user-friendly navigation menu and site structure.  We’ll make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for on your site.

Contact forms are included for inquiries and feedback.

We build our websites on the popular WordPress platform.

This flexible content management system makes it easy for you to update the site with new pages or media.  It also allows us to incorporate a number of important features:

Search Engine Optimization

The content on your website will be written in a simple, clear style.  Best of all, our “content marketing” approach is designed around the keywords and phrases people are searching for.

HTML Sitemaps are included to help visitors (people) find what they are looking for.  XML Sitemaps are submitted to search robots (Google, etc.) so they know what your site is about.

 Fast Websites

Did you know that slow websites are actually penalized by Google?  We optimize images and code so your site loads quickly.  Then we incorporate specialized caching technologies to increase speed even more.

Secure Websites­­

100,000’s of sites are hacked each year – don’t let yours be one of them.  We incorporate several security measures to create a safe environment for your new website.  An automatic cloud backup service is also included as part of our web design package.

 How Can You Get Your Website Design Process Started?

Contact us for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

We need to understand your business and your website’s target audience.  We’ll study your competition to see what they’re doing right – and what they’re doing wrong!

Within 48 hours, we’ll contact you to review our strategy to make sure it fits your business goals.

Once we agree on a plan, the fun begins!

Private review sessions are held during design to discuss the look and feel of your new site.  During development, we want to make sure the content and images used are accurate for your business.

What Happens After Your Website Project is Completed?

Our support doesn’t end after your new website hits the internet!

You get FREE content and image updates for the first 2 weeks after we launch your new website.

You also get 1 year of FREE support to make sure important software is kept up to date.

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